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Laser Vision is the first eye facility to introduce FemtoLASIK in KPK. FemtoLASIK is a procedure consisting of two stages where we make use of two different lasers. During the first stage, the surgeon makes a small corneal flap and prepares the eye for the next stage, the vision correction. This flap is made by the world most advanced machine Visumax by Zeiss, Germany.

In the second stage vision correction is performed by Excimer laser after lifting the flap. After ablation with Excimer laser the flap is replaced. Thus the surface of cornea is almost untouched.

We in Laser Vision have world most advanced laser called Schwind Amaris, Germany. Advantages of FemtoLASIK are as follows:
  • smooth, even corneal flaps
  • thinner flaps, less tissue ablation
  • safer and more precise and gentle method
  • pain free method,
  • faster vision recovery
  • no cut-related complications
  • no black-outs during the treatment
  • no blocking of the retina’s blood circulation
Overall Femto Lasik is a painless, patient friendly procedure with a quick recovery so that patient can start routine activities after 2-3 days.
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